Industrial Strength products at an affordable price. Guaranteed.

True Liberty® is a family-based and community-supported business, located in gorgeous Sonoma county, just north of the San Francisco Bay area. True Liberty® is focused and founded on the principle of the abundance of opportunities. With the philosophy that the most valuable companies in the marketplace are judged on three key components: outstanding customer service, highest quality, and attractive initial investment. True Liberty® has set the standard in each category, forming a rock-solid foundation for long-term success.

True Liberty® values serving a grassroots community of advocates and businesses who share a “think global and act local” mindset, people who value sustainability. By nurturing unique relationships with interdependent businesspeople, True Liberty® is proud to provide extraordinary products and services nationally. We grow because we help you to thrive.

Everyone affects the good health of individuals and the greater community. That’s why True Liberty® Bags are produced from FDA-approved, food-grade, BPA-free material, and are made in the USA. At True Liberty®, going above and beyond health and safety requirements is not just expected, it is a guarantee. Each of us needs all of us and all of us need each of us in order to succeed.


We support local and global community and the environment.

From the purchasing of supplies to the shipping of products, True Liberty® is constantly making eco-friendly decisions. Resulting from contributions to Carbonfund.org, the True Liberty® office, warehouse, shipping and website, have a net-zero carbon footprint. As Carbonfund.org says, “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t™”.

Shipping has a significant impact on the environment, therefore, True Liberty® has made it a policy to ship orders via UPS Carbon Neutral. Being carbon-neutral is another way to demonstrate a commitment to reducing climate impact, and enables everyone to share in that commitment.

The True Liberty® team makes every attempt to use recycled materials for all print media, including brochures, business cards, displays, flyers, inserts, posters, and shipping cartons. Point-of-sale boxes are also produced from paper-grown trees that are Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. Additionally, using soy-based ink for printing, fewer volatile organic compounds are emitted than with traditional petroleum-based inks, further reducing environmental impact.

Finally, another unique way that True Liberty® has ‘gone green’ is to utilize digital files for our affiliate and clientele files. This conscious choice saves on time, space, energy, and other invaluable natural resources, especially trees!

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