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Household & Garden

For meal prep, cooking, freezing, storage, aroma barrier, managing waste, while serving multiple functions in the home garden.

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Outdoor Recreation

For meal prep, storage or odor-proofing while hunting, fishing, camping – a perfect accompaniment for outdoor hobbyists.

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For vintners and farmers, processors and manufacturers, distributors and retailer – over 100 practical uses.

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Cannabis Cultivation

For protecting, freezing, curing, trimming, decarboxylating, storing, and transporting large quantities - a versatile product for cannabis cultivators.

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Our Products & Practices

We take pride in our products and practices.

By listening to the needs of the people we serve, we provide our communities with nylon bags and liners that are:

Made in America

Durable & Versatile

FDA Approved



Partnerships are at the core of how we do business. We work closely with customers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and cannabis cultivators to make sure our relationships are mutually beneficial. We’re reliable, collaborative, innovative and just genuinely nice people.

To help you discover whether our bags or liners will meet your needs, we are happy to offer a free sample. Contact Us.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a company providing nylon bags and liners, we are committed to the principles of sustainability to offset and lessen our environmental impact, by:

  • Using resins and materials that are durable, versatile, and can be used multiple times. We encourage our customers to reuse our products – they’re designed to be strong to reduce plastic waste – if not, recycle;
  • Modeling sustainable business practices by operating at a net-zero carbon footprint through our contribution;
  • Using FSC-certified paper, recycled materials, and soy-based inks for packaging and promotions;
  • Donating to 1% For the Planet to ensure a healthy future;
  • Offering products designed for the protection and preservation of plants

Our products are an alternative to single-use plastics bags and liners.

The best there is....period.

Dan (amazon)

Did a 12lb turkey. No leaks, a good heavy duty bag.

James (amazon)

Good Price & Quick delivery!

Guy (amazon)