Covering Crops with True Liberty® Bags

August 19, 2014

Living near the coast of Northern California, our weather is mild compared with most of the United States. Yet, as the years go by, we see the climate changing and becoming more extreme. 2014 was the third driest year ever recorded in California. A winter cold-snap in November 2015 brought below freezing temperatures to parts of Northern California, putting Alaska’s winter to shame.  These unusually cold nights can put your crops at risk for freezing and could significantly reduce the season’s yield.

In general, it is coldest when the weather is dry.  You are most likely to find frost after a cloudless night in the winter, or early spring.

2016-01-27_Blog Photo_Frozen Rose

There are several ways to prevent frostbite on tender plants. First and foremost, water the soil. Moist soil retains heat during the day better than dry soil.  Next, insulate.

Insulation is key to protect your plants from the extremes, it is best to cover them before the cold sets in.

One solution is to use a True Liberty® Bag to cover your garden. Being both light in weight and clear in color, these bags act as a temporary greenhouse for your thriving green buddies. So even if the bag is left on throughout the day, the plant can still absorb the sunlight. Just remember to provide ventilation… plants breathe too, you know?

With several bird-sized bags from tiny Quail to the mighty Ostrich size, True Liberty® Bags has the bag to fit your tender potted plants. Or just lay a bag flat onto the garden bed.  Irrigation stakes help to keep them from flying away with these cold winter winds.

The citrus family is particularly sensitive to cold temperatures.  As evergreen shrubs, that do not go dormant in the winter, these trees are crucial to protect in the winter.  Frost can sour fruit or prevent abundant blossoms for the next year.  Here in California, our citrus trees can grow 20 ft tall, if your tree is too big to fit in the bird-sized bags, it could be wrapped in a warm blanket of True Liberty® Bottomless Bags! Arriving on an easy to use roll and made of the same light, clear, and durable material; True Liberty® Bottomless Bags makes it easy to wrap a large tree and protect it through the frosty season.

As your tree begins to bloom earlier and earlier every year, protect young growth from strong storms that may return through the spring. Wrap it in a True Liberty® Bag! You are providing plentiful blossoms for when the bees wake from their slumber and start getting jiggy with it!

2014-03-20_Betty Cover Photo_Spring Equinox_Blossom

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin


For a fancy demonstration on how to cover your crops, watch our Covering Crops video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF8Ekoz_fDE