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About Us

About Us

A few words about our history

True Liberty® is a community-supported, woman-owned, and family-oriented business founded in Sonoma County, with a global team, diverse partners, and a growing customer base.

Planted in 2009, and flourishing ever since.

Surrounded by farmers, cannabis cultivators, and vintners, we grew up in a dynamic landscape that blends agriculture and industry. Our community is made of diverse people who value reliable products, responsible practice, a personalized approach to service, and companies that outwardly demonstrate their commitment to community engagement and sustainability.

We acknowledge that we are a company that offers nylon bags and liners within a no-plastics economy and movement. True Liberty® products are not only extremely versatile, with over 100 potential uses, but they are also made to be industrial strength. We encourage our customers to reuse our products as many times as possible, as they are designed to withstand multiple-uses.

To lessen our environmental impact as a plastics company, True Liberty® operates with a strong commitment to sustainable practices. We operate at a net-zero carbon footprint, use FSC-certified paper, recycled materials, and soy-based inks for packaging and promotions, and donate profits to 1% For the Planet to ensure a healthy future.

Partnerships are at the core of how we do business. We work closely with customers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and cannabis cultivators to make sure our relationships are mutually beneficial.

We’re reliable, collaborative, innovative and just genuinely nice people.

Partnerships are at the core of how we do business. We make sure our relationships are mutually beneficial

Products are designed based on the direct needs and feedback of the people in our communities

Among a diverse team, we are proudly woman-owned and committed to equity and inclusion

Sustainable business practices and materials to operate at a net-zero carbon footprint