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Bag Uses

Bag Uses

We're Still Exploring,

But Here's What We Know

Household & Garden Uses

Protect herbs & harvested crops

Prevents cross-contamination

Germination & pollination

Safeguard from freezing & pests

Store dry & liquid fertilizers

Bake, boil, freeze & refrigerate

Line rice cooker & slow cooker

Freezer-to-cooking safe

Brine or marinate to cooking

Preserve flavor, moisture & nutritional value

Store baked or bulk foods & grains

Minimize cleanup & cooking time

Baby products & diaper disposal

Outdoor Recreation Uses

Contain odors from compost

Bee Keeping

Reusable Ice Bag

Camping, hunting & fishing

Travel packaging & water-proofing

Contain odors from waste & more

Commercial Uses

100% Food-grade nylon

FDA-approved, BPA-free

Industrial Strength

Smell-proof material

Tear and puncture resistant

Withstands fat, grease, oil & water

Repurpose, reuse, recycle

Wide Temperature Range: -100°F to 400°F

Withstands Sterilization Processes up to 360˚F: Steam, Dry Heat, Chemical Vapor, Gamma Irradiation & Ethylene Oxide

Cannabis Uses

Harvest, cure, preserve

Transport, biomass disposal

Fresh frozen, decarboxylation

Prevent cross-contamination & mineral build up

Long-term storage

Quick & easy clean-up

Line industry standard containers

Are you using our bags in a unique way? Contact us! We’d love to know.