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True Liberty Bags® are unique in many ways. To learn more about our safer, thicker, more effective oven bags, browse the frequently asked questions below.

Are there unique home uses for True Liberty® Bags?

Being aware of all of True Liberty® Bags qualities is important when considering what to use them for, please refer to our “versatile properties” FAQ to find out.

  • Storing dirty diapers you can’t dispose of right away
  • Storing dirty clothes/shoes/items
  • Storing clothes or “attic” items without worrying about rodent infestation or water/tear damage.
  • All True Liberty® Bags are vacuum sealable for easy/spacious storage
  • Bake, boil, freeze, and easily refrigerate
  • Produce lasts up to two weeks longer in True Liberty® Bags

Are there multiple outdoor uses for True Liberty® Bags?

True Liberty® Bags are useful for multiple outdoor activities.


  • Clothing storage; they won’t be pestered by insects or weather damage
  • Food storage/containment; easy for travel
  • Electronic/equipment/gear storage


  • Keep odors contained with True Liberty® Bags
  • Industrial strength to maintain comestibles
  • Easy/strong tie-off to keep comestibles from secreting unwanted residue


  • Storing caught comestibles; True Liberty® Bags are great for freezing
  • Different bag sizes for different comestibles
  • Keep your gear/electronics safe from water damage with use of True Liberty® Bags

How can I use True Liberty® Bags in the garden?

True Liberty® Bags are made for all purposes. In the garden you’ll find that the quality of our bags allows you to protect herbs and harvested crops, prevent cross-contamination, and a safeguard from freezing or being infected by pests. With use of the bags you can conduct germination and pollination with ease and no extra mess. Also note that you can store dry or liquid fertilizers. Please refer to the sizes and weight capability of our bags on our FAQs page to know what you can carry and store in our True Liberty® Bags.


How much weight can a True Liberty® Bag hold?

We recommend these guidelines

Quail(3 Quart Bags):

  • 12 Cups
  • 6 Pints
  • 96 OZ
  • 6 Lbs Water
  • 10 Lbs gravel fully tied

Chicken(2 Gallon Bags):

  • 32 Cups
  • 16 Pints
  • 8 Quarts
  • 256 OZ
  • 16 Lbs Water
  • 20 Lbs. gravel fully tied

Turkey(3 Gallon Bags):

  • 48 Cups
  • 16 Pints
  • 8 Quarts
  • 384 OZ
  • 24 Lbs Water
  • 50 Lbs gravel fully tied

Goose(5 Gallon Bags) :

  • 64 Cups
  • 24 Pints
  • 12 Quarts
  • 512 OZ
  • 32 LBS Water.
  • 60 Lbs. gravel fully tied


*Weights tested with Pea Gravel


What are the Baking Instructions?

To properly bake in any size True Liberty® bag, please follow these instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350º F (maximum 400º F)
  2. Shake 1 tablespoon of flour into bag
  3. Place in pan at least 2″ deep
  4. Add ingredients to bag and close
  5. Cut four ½” holes in top of bag
  6. Place meal in oven, allowing room for the bag to expand without touching heating elements, walls, or racks
  7. After cooking, let stand for 10 minutes
  8. Cut open and enjoy!

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What else can I cook in my True Liberty® Bag?

Keep letting us know! Feel free to send us recipes and ideas on our comments page. There are so many things we can do with True Liberty® Bags, that we have dedicated a page to listing them for you. See our Benefits page for a more complete list of uses for The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag.

Are True Liberty® bags Kosher?

True Liberty® Bags are ISO-registered, NSF-certified, Kosher, HALAL approved, and in compliance with FDA regulations.

How do True Liberty®Bags save energy?

Baking meals in our bags can reduce average cooking time by 30-50%. It also cuts down the clean up time because it leaves you with less mess!

What are the versatile properties of True Liberty® Bags?

True Liberty® Bags block odor and moisture, while also keeping your herbs and produce fresh. The unique material aids in the prevention of freezer burn, molds and decomposition. For best results, remove air from the bag before closing.

True Liberty® Bags are waterproof. Keep your clothes, appliances, food, equipment, and other materials dry.

Our 30″x48″ ostrich bags are double sealed to create extra protection for your larger quantities.

All of True Liberty® Bags are smell-proof. Keep your waste, odors, and other pungent products completely secured.

True Liberty® Bags are tear and puncture resistant, there isn’t need to worry about your gravel bag breaking open, or your turkey falling out from the bottom of the bag when taken out of the oven.

Made with food-grade Nylon, our True Liberty® Bags can withstand fat, grease, and oils while also being able to endure a wide temperature range of -100º F to 400º F/ -73º C to 204º C; they will not melt.

See our Benefits page for a more complete list of uses for The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag.

What size are the bags? What size meal can I cook in a True Liberty® Bag?

Chicken Bags are 12” x 20”, for meals up to 8 lbs
Turkey Bags are 18″ x 20″, for meals up to 18 lbs
Goose Bags are 18” x 24”, for meals up to 24 lbs
For your larger projects:
Ostrich Bags are 30” x 48”
Bottomless Bags are 12”, 18”, or 24” wide x 100’ long rolls

Fun Facts: A goose bag fits as a liner in a 5-gallon bucket. An ostrich bag fits as a liner in a 30-gallon drum.

How are True Liberty® Bags different?

True Liberty® Bags are the thickest bag of its kind on the market. We also provide unique bag sizes, in convenient quantities, at a bargain price. Our products are Made in the USA, and by supporting us, you also contribute to supporting 1% for the Planet. See our Benefits page for a more complete list of uses for The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag.

What are the storing properties for True Liberty® Bags?

The easiest way to close a True Liberty® Bag is like tying a balloon. Gather the end of the bag together, twist slightly and tie into the loop. True Liberty® Bags also provides reusable zip-ties with every bag. Click here to view our product Tying Instructions.

True Liberty® Bags are an excellent way to keep leftovers and can be stored in temperatures as low as -100°F. After freezing or refrigerating leftovers, the food can be re-heated in the same bag.

All True Liberty® Bags are vacuum sealable for convenient storage space and long-lasting value.

See our Benefits page for a more complete list of uses for The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag.

Really? I can cook using True Liberty® Bags?

Of course, that’s what they were designed to do! You can use True Liberty® Bags in the kitchen for anything from prepping and baking, to freezing and preserving.

Other cooking properties of True Liberty® Bags:

  • A True Liberty 12″x20″ bag fits as a liner in a rice cooker, a True Liberty 18″x20″ bag fits as a liner in a slow cooker. Using True Liberty® Bags allows you to minimize cook and clean-up time, not only in the cookers but as well as in the oven.
  • You can brine or marinate your food in the bag and take it straight to the oven
  • Our bags preserve the flavor, moisture, and nutritional value of your products

True Liberty® Bags are intended for use in a conventional oven. Follow included instructions carefully. Failure to follow instructions may result in serious injury or property damage. Keep the bag away from oven racks and heating elements. Do not use bags in a BBQ or counter top toaster oven.

Caution: Suffocation Hazard. Keep away from children. See our Benefits page for a more complete list of uses for The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag.

Where can I find True Liberty® Bags?

We have partnerships with hundreds of retailers! To see if True Liberty® bags are in a location near you, [click here] to search. If you do not see us in your area, please let us know the name of your favorite locally owned store. Our products are also available on amazon

Are True Liberty® Bags made from Bisphenol-A free (BPA-FREE) material?

Yes. All True Liberty® bag product lines are completely BPA free, FDA approved, food-grade material.

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