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General FAQ


Who is True Liberty®?

True Liberty® produces all-purpose bags for people who cook, camp, hike, bike, hunt, fish, move, store, garden or grow. Based in Northern California, True Liberty is a community-focused company that prioritizes sustainability, service and partnerships. Our industrial-strength, food-safe nylon bags are proudly made in the USA.

We work closely with retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and growers to make sure our relationships are mutually beneficial. We’re reliable, collaborative, innovative and just genuinely nice people.


What materials are True Liberty®’s products made from?

We believe that the world has enough plastic, and this is why we don’t create bags of traditional plastics.

All of True Liberty®’s products are made from FDA-approved, BPA-free, industrial-strength, food-safe nylon.

We chose nylon over plastic because of its durability and versatility.


What is BPA and why don’t I want it in my bag?

BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins. Research has shown that BPA can have a significant negative impact on health, with some suggesting a connection between BPA and increased blood pressure.

How are True Liberty®’s products made?

Our nylon bags use a significantly higher melting point than plastic to create the nylon resin that is extruded when manufacturing the bags. Extrusion involves melting the nylon resin and then blowing air through the resin to create a tube-like structure. As a secondary step, the bags are cut and sealed at the bottom through a single machine action.

Are True Liberty®’s products strong and durable?

Durability is what sets our products apart from other traditional plastic bags on the market. True Liberty® Bags and Liners are tear and puncture resistant, and the seal is industrial strength, so there isn’t need to worry about your turkey falling out from the bottom of the bag or your plants poking through during transfer.

Why doesn’t True Liberty®’s products have a zip seal?

Believe it or not, the Zip Seal is still a technology that is yet to be fully perfected. There isn’t a zip seal product on the market that is completely 100% airtight. Furthermore, because our nylon bags use a lower melting point, we cannot attach a zip seal. In fact, it’s an entirely different process requiring many more machines, and much more manipulation of the plastics resin to create a zipper lock seal in a bag. We have found much more effective – and airtight—ways to seal a bag, including using the bag tie, tying the bag off, or impulse heat sealing.

Are True Liberty®’s products sustainable?

True Liberty® provides a nylon product using principles of sustainability – social equity, economic feasibility, and environmental protection – through offering a versatile product with multi-uses that make life more efficient, a durable product that reduces plastic waste, and the protection and preservation of plants and bag contents for people.

True Liberty models sustainable business practices by giving back to the communities we engage within while utilizing creative solutions to help various industries reduce their carbon footprint.


Household & Garden Uses FAQ


How can True Liberty®’s products be used within my kitchen and household?

Our BPA-free, food safe nylon bags have many uses around the household beyond in the kitchen.

Our 8 Gallon Bags are excellent liners for composters, as they are durable, contain odors, and protect the cultures and ecosystem as waste composts.

Kitchen and household storage is made easy with these bags that won’t degrade over time, and will protect the integrity of the product stored within. Use our 3 Quart, 2 Gallon or 3 Gallon Bag to store baked goods, spices, or grains in your pantry, while finding uses all over the home. Some parents even use our product to store baby products, and use the 8 Gallon Bag for their child’s diaper disposals.

How can I use True Liberty®’s products to cook my food?

There are several other roasting bags on the market with which you can use to cook your food, but ours are the most versatile and durable for withstanding all culinary preparations. Choosing to cook your food within any of our household sizes helps preserve flavor, moisture, and nutritional value. They are designed to withstand temperatures up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

They are also excellent for storing your food in the refrigerator or freezer, as they are freezer-to-cooking safe.

Use any of our household sizes to brine or marinate your food before cooking, minimize contamination from meats to other foods, to bake or broil your perfect meal. Our bags are safe to use with avocado, olive, coconut and just about every other oil you can find in the kitchen. Our bags can also be used to line a rice cooker or slow cooker, which makes for easy storage of leftovers in the refrigerator, or use in the freezer for long-term storage.

How can True Liberty®’s products be used as garden bags?

True Liberty®’s products are made to help the everyday home gardener, as well as commercial gardeners, maintain the overall health of their garden.

Our various Commercial Size Liners can be used as garden bags, protecting your herbs and harvested crops while preventing cross-contamination, which is essential during the germination and pollination stages of your plants.

Using our Drum Liner to protect your smaller trees will safeguard them from pests, while also shielding them against harsh temperatures or environmental threats during a freeze, and the transparency of the nylon allows inspection of the contents.

Our Commercial Liners are excellent for mixing and storing dry and liquid fertilizers, protecting any leaks. Of course, our bags can also be used to store garden vegetables and fruits.

Our Commercial Liners are also a great size for transportation of large harvests.


Outdoor Recreation Uses FAQ


How can our products be used by outdoor recreation hobbyists?

Versatility is the name of the game with True Liberty®, which is why they’re the perfect accompaniment to many hobbies and outdoor activities.

Bring our 2 Gallon Bag on your next camping, hunting, or fishing excursion. They have a variety of practical uses, from helping keep things dry, to containing odors of foods to avoid any unwanted guests at your site.

Waterproof and airtight when sealed, our products are perfect for packing your food, electronics, and other valuables when on a long day’s excursion, while also containing waste.

Some of our loyal customers even include beekeepers!


Cannabis FAQ


How can True Liberty®’s products help avoid contamination in your cannabis grow?

Cannabis grow contamination can turn a promising grow into an unprofitable crop very quickly if the right steps aren’t taken to protect your plants.

From pests, to molds and bacteria, to other environmental threats that don’t have a place in the cannabis grow, our line of products can help protect cannabis plants from cross-contaminating with each other, or being contaminated by external environmental threats.

How can True Liberty®’s products be used for curing your cannabis?

Preserving terpenes in cannabis is one of the most important parts of harvesting a cannabis grow. After hanging plants to dry, the material is placed into bags for the burping process of curing through the long-term storage.

For curing cannabis, some choose to use glass jars, which are completely inert, zero gas permeability, reusable, recyclable and with high compressive strength. The downsides of glass jars are that glass is heavy and has very little tensile strength. True Liberty® products offer a different method of curing other than glass jars, at a fraction of the weight and cost. TLB’s are comparable to glass when it comes to gas permeability and chemical stability.

For curing cannabis in our bags and liners, place trimmed buds into a bag for anywhere from two to eight weeks, being sure to “burp” the buds by moving them around in the bag a couple times a day.

How can True Liberty®’s products be used for ‘cooking’ your cannabis?

When most people in cannabis think of a True Liberty® Bag, they are likely more familiar with using them to decarboxylate cannabis than actually cooking turkeys. Turkey bags like our 3 Gallon Bag have been used for decades in the decarboxylation process, an essential process to activate the THC within the cannabis before using it for making cannabis edibles.

How do True Liberty®’s products help with cannabis storage?

For decades, the good ol’ plastic baggie has been a storage container for cannabis, which isn’t the best way to store cannabis. Using a plastic baggie, whether it has a zip seal or not, can be harmful to the cannabis, potentially releasing toxins from the plastic into the cannabis over time, while not being airtight enough to retain the cannabis’ moisture or aroma. True Liberty’s full product line offers cannabis cultivators a cannabis storage container in bag format that is an alternative to traditional plastic, with a durability tough enough to withstand its storage environment. Our cannabis storage bags are made of FDA-approved, food-safe nylon, rather than traditional plastic, and are designed to protect what is stored inside. Our products are freezer safe and can be sealed airtight through a variety of methods.

How can True Liberty®’s products be used to transport cannabis?

  • Cannabis transportation
  • Cannabis delivery

Is the nylon in True Liberty®’s bags safe for cannabis?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to storing organic materials like cannabis. Our bags maximize shelf life by creating an airtight seal, mitigating exposure to air. Controlling exposure to light, and refrigeration/freezing of the bagged material will also extend shelf life.

Our food-grade, BPA-free bags are completely safe for cannabis. Using our bags and properly sealing them during the curing, storing, or transportation process will help preserve the integrity of the cannabis inside, so it remains intact from plant to patient or consumer.


Commercial Uses FAQ


What are some of the other commercial uses for True Liberty® Bags?

When you stack them up, True Liberty® has over a hundred uses for our bags and liners. We offer industrial-strength storage bags, liners and other products that have various applications. Vintners in Sonoma County have told us that our bags are useful within their wineries, for storing grapes and other materials needed to make wine.

Construction workers and contractors use our bags and liners to transport materials, and minimize mess in workspaces. Our bags and liners are helpful for big and small cleanups.

With our products being reusable, they’re designed to withstand wear and tear.