Is BPA Safe?


Why True Liberty Bags do not contain BPA

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, which are used to make numerous products. The purpose of BPA is to use the chemical to harden plastic materials. The chemical is in almost everything that contains plastic parts.

While BPA has been proven safe to use in many products (CDs, food containers, and water bottles, among others), the real questions arise when it is being used in your food storage containers, which is why the team at True Liberty Bags decided to explain why all of our cooking bags are BPA-free.

BPA Contained in Cooking Bags Can Seep into Your Food

When used in food containers and cooking bags, BPA can seep into your food and beverages and cause this seemingly minor amount of bisphenol A to be ingested and adversely affect your health. Numerous studies have been conducted that show that consuming food contaminated with BPA can cause an increase in blood pressure, possible health issues in the brain, behavioral problems and prostate gland complications in fetuses if ingested by pregnant women during pregnancy. Even as the chemical is FDA approved, that does little in offering a vote of confidence since so many drugs started out with FDA approval before lawsuits and deaths proved them wrong. For example, the birth control pill Yaz, and antidepressant medications before the FDA was forced to issue black box warnings due to their potentially deadly adverse effects. Other possible side effects linked to BPA include:

Image source: Photographer DES Daughter under Creative Commons license
  • Cancer: some animal studies found a potential link between BPA exposure and an increased risk of cancer.
  • Heart complications: Two studies discovered that adults containing high levels of BPA in their body are at an increased risk of heart problems.
  • Hormone imbalance: some experts believe that BPA may behave as a hormone when in the body, causing a disruption in developing babies during pregnancy.
  • ADHD, Diabetes, and obesity

The team at True Liberty Bags know how important your health is to you, which is why we did our research and decided that we wanted to make a product that would not only aid in cooking and storing your food, but do so safely. It is also why all of our products are eco-friendly and made with the intent on leaving a net-zero carbon footprint. We make it easy for you to stay green!

True Liberty Bags make BPA Safe because all of our bags are BPA-free!

If you want to ensure that the cooking bags you buy are safe for your family and the environment, purchase True Liberty bags. We offer a variety of bags to choose from and all of them are BPA-free. Why take a chance on your health, or your family’s health when you can know for sure that your oven bags contain no added chemicals? We care about the quality of your food, and we care about you! Want to know more? Subscribe to our blog.

Image Source: Obtained under a Creative Commons by photographer Mark Morgan