Keeping Lettuce and Herbs Fresh in True Liberty® Bags

It’s spring. Bursting from the borders are winter lettuce and fall planted perennial herbs. The bright contrast of the cold house greens against the dark moist soil and bare trees excites the gardener in each of us.   The steady rains keep your lettuce and herbs well watered, flowing with abundance.

You eat a salad a day, add crisp mint to your daily tea, stuff your baked chickens with fresh oregano, use your own dried sage to smudge the house and gift neighbors’ spires of rosemary but still have leftovers, what to do?

Storing lettuce and herbs can be tricky. Conventional plastic bags are drafty and quickly spoil freshly harvested lettuce and herbs. Storing lettuce in a container can be bulky and still, the spoil.

One must have clean, fresh, and crisp lettuce ready to go in case of a salad-making emergency!

Don’t go loosing your lettuce over it, True Liberty® Bags has an easy solution.

2016-02-04_Blog Photo_lettuce

True Liberty® Bags are airtight, space-saving and reusable. Not to mention, BPA-free. When storing herbs and lettuce in the fridge, True Liberty® Bags will keep outside odors and drafts from spoiling your fresh produce.

*Simply rinse your vegetables or herbs and pat dry (you can also use a salad spinner to remove moisture).

*Place your produce into a True Liberty® Bag of your choice, Quail and Chicken are our favorite sizes to store produce in. Add a paper towel to absorb the rest of the moisture if you like, that’s up to you.

Either way, True Liberty® Bags will keep your produce fresh for your next salad!

2016-02-04_Blog Photo_herbs

But don’t take it solely from us, Emily at A Girl and A Garden uses True Liberty® Bags for this very reason! Check out her video on youtube;