Our Story

True Liberty® provides a solution that is versatile, durable, and reliable, so people don't have to use more plastic bags than they need to. Our bags are produced from FDA-approved, BPA-free, industrial-strength, food-safe nylon. Partnership is the core of how we do business. We partner with retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and growers to make sure our relationships are mutually beneficial. We’re reliable, collaborative, innovative, and just genuinely nice people.

Our Products

A wide range of sizes for every purpose

A Wide Range of Sizes
for Every Purpose

Household & Garden

For cooking, storage, cleaning, managing waste, while serving multiple functions in the home garden.

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Outdoor Recreation

For hunting, fishing, camping, and waste disposal – a perfect accompaniment for outdoor hobbyists.

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For vintners and farmers, processors and manufacturers, distributors and retailer – over 100 practical uses.

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Cannabis Cultivation

For protecting, curing, trimming, storing, and transporting large quantities - a versatile product for cannabis cultivators.

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