Our Industrial strength True Liberty® Vac is dedicated to your success with superior design and engineered for a long lifetime

• All True Liberty® Bags
 are compatible with True Liberty® Vacs

• Air compressor powered 20″ impulse sealer arm and retractable nozzle are manufactured 
to stand up to industrial level production in seconds

• True Liberty® Vacs performs a gas purge, extracts the air out of the bag, and the impulse heat sealer creates an airtight ¼” seal for long-term storage

• True Liberty® Vacs’ gas-purging feature removes oxygen in exchange for an inert gas of choice, for example, argon or nitrogen

• True Liberty® Vacs’ unit comes complete with a vacuum filter to ensure the vacuum pump remains free of
 any dirt or debris

• The gas-purging feature can be turned on or off for just vacuuming and sealing

• Chassis is rust-coated and power treated

• For continuous use, at least a 30-gallon air compressor is recommended (not available through True Liberty®)

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