Here’s What People Are Saying About True Liberty® Bags, The Original All-Purpose Home & Garden Bag

Crock Pot? No problem for True Liberty® Turkey and Oven Bags!

A friend told me that True Liberty® Turkey Bags can be used in crock pots. I used to use my crock pot all winter for split peas, lentils, black eyed peas, white beans, etc, but I wasn’t using it at all this year because it is so big and heavy and difficult to wash.

Well…I looked at the Liberty Bags web site and learned that, sure enough, those bags can be used in the crock pot. So I soaked some black eyed peas on Sunday night and put them into the crock pot (lined with a Liberty Bag) when I left for work on Monday morning. When I arrived home on Monday night, the house smelled like my mother had been here cooking all day, and I had a delicious dinner of black eyed peas with brown rice (which creates a “complete” protein).

And there was nothing to wash! I put the plastic bag with the leftover peas in a big bowl and set the whole thing in the fridge. Now I am having them all week for dinner. And if I get tired of them, I can just freeze what’s left in the bag!

-Bill D., Sebastopol, CA

Flying off the shelves!

As a retailer, I can say that your bags are a very profitable product for us. Here in northern California, these bags are positively flying off my shelves! (The colorful shopping bags you include for free are much appreciated by our customers also!)

– Francis, Briar Patch Co-op Community Market, Grass Valley, CA

If you’re looking for turkey bags, I’d recommend these bags without hesitation. I can’t smell a thing; it’s really great for someone like me who has an acute sense of smell. The other thing I love about these bags is that they seem indestructible. They make great freezer bags, in addition to cooking. What’s more I can use them for anything. This is a great product.

– Stephen Callace – London, UK

They are very handy to have around the house for miscellaneous uses. For example, during a heavy rain they can wrap a book or large map for traveling outdoors. I often use them for wrapping my camera when kayaking.

– Anova – New England, USA

I bought this because my turkey recipe for thanksgiving called for marinating the turkey overnight in the fridge in an oven bag. For that, it worked perfectly. I had no leaks and the bag held up great for what I needed.

– Mama4Baby&puppy – CA

It takes much less time to cook a tender and delicious turkey. We consumed 4 turkeys in the last 3 months.

– Raindrop – Stamford, CT

Was looking for an alternative to the side-loading oven bag. This is a top-loading bag and it’s much easier to deal with. Happy with purchase.

– Lori Jean – Ohio

Very useful product, makes baking meat and poultry very easy-for me it’s 2 steps: marinade right in the bag and to the oven it goes in two hours I have delicious meat and no mess to clean after.

– Alina – Amazon

Not just for cooking these bags keep gourmet breads fresh for days! Great for cooking more things then you can imagine.

– E. Goldberg – Amazon

We raised some gigantic turkeys this year and these were the only way to cook them. We cooked them in a fire pit overnight wrapped in this bag, then several layers of foil. It was perfect! (Ostrich Bag)

– Michelle F. Smith – Amazon

Made two turkeys in these bags. They are far less expensive than the major brand available in the store. I plan on buying other sizes for the rest of the year.

– Johnny Vegas – Amazon

I’ve purchased a few boxes of these now and they are terrific! Strong, never leak, easy to use, much better price than the other brands. Highly recommended for various uses.

– Amazon Customer

Delicious juicy turkey in about three hours! I’m normally prefer dark meat over white when it comes to poultry. However, the turkey breasts were super moist when I used this bag that I would have to say I prefer white turkey breast now. A must try if you want juicy turkey that cooks way faster than if you do not use a bag.

– Fei-Li Yang – Boca Raton, FL

I love these bag for the cookers we have on our snowmobile exhaust! Nothing like a hot meal on the trails!

– Big Bee – Amazon

I have been a true fan of True Liberty® Turkey Bags for about four years now. During that time I have come to really appreciate their versatility and quality. When it’s got to be just right, True Liberty® gives me the confidence of using the very best.

– Christopher Connell – Monroe, MI

We use these when doing solar cooking – but not for turkey! Nice large size for cooking pot and can be re-used. Great value 🙂

– AZ Happy Camper – Amazon

I use these as emergency water carrying bags in my bug out kit. They are extremely strong and if you are careful you can boil water in the bag if you keep it high enough out of the coals of a fire. It’s designed to be in the oven so it is temperature rated. I also keep water purification tabs with the bag so I can collect water, filter it with a bandanna and then drop some tabs in to purify.

– G. Chock “Gadget Freak” – Amazon

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